Fling Golf

...It's Flipping Fun!
Try FlingGolf®, an athletic and captivating alternative to traditional golf. It is an entirely new sport that combines golf and lacrosse. Instead of hitting the ball with a club, a player flings a golf ball with a FlingStick®. A good fling can travel over 200 yards, and all players need to carry is one very light FlingStick®.
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Quick Start Rules

The rules are simple. Players fling the golf ball along the course and putt with the face of the FlingStick®. FlingGolf® also appeals to everyone as it's so easy to learn and grow with the sport. 

Scoring: Count your flings from tee to hole.
Tee Shots: Fling the ball from behind the tee marker. You may always take steps while flinging the ball.
Further Shots: Mark your ball where it lies and fling your ball from behind the mark.
On the Green: Once your ball is on the green, you place your feet, and with the ball in the putting notch on the side of the FlingStick® head, you push the ball toward the hole. You may not move your feet while pushing. You may also mark the ball, place it in the FlingStick® channel, and roll it toward the hole.

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